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Tea Tam Malaysia

Tea Tam Malaysia

Tea Tam Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary wholly owned by Big Propel Sdn Bhd. Tea Tam established in Xiamen China since 2008, having over 10 years experience specialising in Pu'er Tea (hēichá, commonly translated as "dark tea"), currently owning 20+ outlets in China, including Xiamen, Fuzhou, Fujian, Shang Hai, Beijing, and Malaysia.

Tea Tam focus on Pu'er Tea, B2B Trade, Customized Corporate Gifts, Tea House & Spaces. With a profound chinese cultural foundation, we wish to bring the best out of our lifestyle, by revolutionizing the tea drinking culture in the country.

Business Opportunity

  1. Franchise Opportunity
  2. We are expanding across countries and offering exciting business partnership opportunities.

  3. Customized Corporate Gifts
  4. Elevating your corporate brand with our quality Pu'er Tea.

  5. Activities & Exhibition
  6. We are looking forward to be part of any special ocassion and spice up your events.

Visit Us: Tea Tam Malaysia

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